Friday, 13 April 2012

Wonders of nature: Baby born with extra limbs

The nurse stopped in midsentence while congratulating Imran Sheikh for having a baby boy. “Congratulations. Your wife gave birth to a baby boy,” she said. “Your wife and baby are both alright, but…”

Sheikh’s heart beat wildly. He begged the nurse not to hide anything from him. “Your boy is healthy, but has six legs instead of two,” said the nurse. Sheikh’s wife, who underwent surgery on Friday morning at Civil Hospital Sukkur was not ready to talk. Probably because of the shock.

Sheikh works as an X-ray technician in a private hospital and earns around Rs6,000 in a month.

He got married four years ago and this is his first baby. But, the birth was complicated too.

He said that the doctors advised him to take the baby to Karachi for checkup and if possible, a surgery. “But I cannot afford to go to Karachi,” Sheikh said.

For now Sheikh has taken his baby home. He appealed to the government and philanthropists to provide him with financial help so that he can travel to Karachi.

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