Friday, 6 April 2012

History of Uch Sharif (An Ancient City of the World), Bahawalpur Pakistan

The shrine of Darbar Hazrat Sheikh Saleh Uddin Abu Hanifa at Uch Sharif, Bahawalpur, Pakistan

Not a whole lot is known about Imam Abu Hanifa. His tomb is visited by a lot of people and his name is mentioned in a few books, but no one seems to be sure of exactly who he was and what he preached.

His full name was Syed Shaikh Sadar-ud-Din Abu Hanifa. He is apparently the descendant of Hazrat Siddique Akbar, of the Qureshi family. According to the caretaker of his tomb, who has been the caretaker for the last 20 years, Abu Hanifa had a wife but no children.

He belonged to Multan. He was a student of Ranjan Qatal, and served him in order to obtain wisdom. During his illness, he said in his will that after he died, he was to be buried in Uch Sharif.

According to Mr Ghulam Akbar, Abu Hanifa had the power to turn metal into gold. He had a stone, that, when it touched another surface, turned that surface into gold. A lot of poor people were helped out by him in this way. The Imam said in his will that after his death, the stone was to be fixed within the roof of his tomb, so that nobody would be able to find it and misuse it. After He passed away, his will was carried out, and the stone was fixed into the roof. Then, during the British rule, the British came to know of the stone, and tried to steal it. That’s when a miracle happened, and the roof burst and flew off into the air, vanishing, never to be seen or heard of again. And that is the myth behind the missing roof of the tomb.

A lot of people believe this story. It has been passed on, generation upon generation. The local people visiting the tomb respect Abu Hanifa a lot and pray “Fateha”.

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