Tuesday, 3 April 2012


(Daulat Khana Bahawalpur)

The Daulat Khana is located on Durbar Road, connecting the Bahawalgarh palaces on one side and the old Islamia University campus on the other. It is one of Bahawalpur’s oldest palaces, rebuilt by Ameer Sadiq Muhammad Khan IV (1866-1899) in 1881 at a total cost of 0.2 million rupees. The palace is enclosed by a high, thick fortification wall, and the main entrance is through a large, wooden arched gateway that opens to the north. There was once a fine garden attached to the palace, as well as a magnificent mosque with three domes and golden pinnacles, the latter now replaced with a more recent structure. The Daulat Khana was the birthplace of Bahawalpur’s last two rulers, Ameer Muhammad Bahawal Khan V and Ameer Sadiq Muhammad Khan V.

(The ceiling of a chamber in Daulat Khana)
Rectangular in plan, the palace has a circular lobby in the British style at the front and a double row of rooms at the back. The rooms have extraordinarily high ceilings, and flat, trabeated roofs. Like the ceiling of many other state monuments, these too are decorated with lacquer-work in floral and geometrical patterns. Some traces of decoration, such as pediments and crowned oriel windows with a relief finish, remain on the outer surface of the walls. Sadly, the Daulat Khana is currently in poor condition.

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