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BARA DARI, Bahawalpur Pakistan

The Bara Dari or summer pavilion lies south of the Durbar Mahal, connected by a pavement. The building measures 107 feet and 6 inches x 107 feet and 6 inches and has a red sandstone finish. Symmetrical in design and square in plan, it bears a distinct resemblance to typical Mughal monuments built of similar stone. At the plinth level is a wing measuring 10 x 10 feet, connected to a veranda along the facade of the building's main hall. Its courtyard is surrounded by a cloistered building on three sides, with a pond (20 x 20 feet) and five central fountains in the middle. The floor and walls of the pond are also dressed with red sandstone, and there are stairs ascending to its floor.

The Bara Dari itself appears to have been constructed using a point- load structural system with a trabeated wooden roof and console brackets adding beauty to its pavilions. The fountains were probably supplied with water from an old iron tank installed near the Durbar Mahal Mosque. The tank would then have been filled by operating a Persian wheel.

The building is decorated primarily with carvings in stone-the jaali-work in red sandstone on the oriel window of the main hall is an exquisite example of this. Following its restoration by the Pakistan Army, it stands out as an excellent example of conservation in the Bahawalgarh palace compound.

Farrukh Mahal, Bahawalpur Pakistan

Named after a wife of Ameer Muhammad Bahawal Khan V, this palace lies between the other two palaces in the compound. Its construction was initiated by the ameer as a royal residence in 1905, and completed along with the other palaces in the compound in 1911.

Square in plan, the palace stands on a raised platform with a raised terrace to its east and west. It is smaller in scale and height, and different from the other palaces in the compound in design and plan—simpler, but bearing a distinct European influence. 

At each corner is a square, double-storey projected room. The facade on each side has a veranda, with a set of three circular arches and two blinded arches, contiguous to each room at its corner. A set of flying steps leads into the front room.

There are three rows of such rooms, set in a north-south direction and connected by another set of two rooms facing east-west. Every room leads into another through a wooden door fixed in an arched opening. The central partitioning wall of the two rooms in the middle row was removed to convert it into a large hall. Each room retains a fireplace, richly ornamented with stucco tracery.

The whole palace is built of country brick and its walls plastered. The doors—some of them double-doors-have colourfully decorated borders that display floral designs of possible European origin. The doors and windows all have trefoils arches and brightly painted panes, both also European in style. The white marble pillars of the verandas are carved in relief. The outer surface of the corner rooms bears a series of pseudo-arches. The corner room on the first floor is similar to the room on the ground floor, but has a parapet wall at the top. Its ceiling is painted with lacquered floral designs.

Mexican woman pregnant with nine babies

The successful delivery of nonuplets would be one of the highest multiple births ever recorded. 

INDIANAPOLIS: A Mexican woman is pregnant with nine babies – six girls and three boys – the country’s main broadcaster Televisa reported on Thursday night.

The woman was identified as Karla Vanessa Perez of the northeastern state of Coahuila, which borders Texas. She is currently being treated at a hospital in the state capital Saltillo, the broadcaster said in the report.Perez, whose age was not given, had fertility treatment leading to the multiple pregnancy, it said.

State-owned news agency Notimex also reported the pregnancy, saying Perez was due to give birth on May 20.

“It’s very early to think of names for the babies,” Perez told Notimex. “First I hope that everything goes well.”

The successful delivery of nonuplets would be one of the highest multiple births ever recorded.
In 2009, a woman in California gave birth to octuplets, sparking worldwide media attention.

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

(Armaghan-e-Hijaz-01) Iblees Ki Majlis-e-Shura (ابلیس کی مجلس شوری) The Devil's Conference



Ye Anasir Ka Purana Khail, Ye Dunya-e-Doon
Sakinan-e-Arsh-e-Azam Ki Tamanaon Ka Khoon!

This ancient game of elements, this base world! 
The frustration of the longings of the great Empyrean’s dwellers.

Uss Ki Barbadi Pe Aaj Aamada Hai Woh Kaarsaaz
Jis Ne Uss Ka Nam Rakha Tha Jahan-e-Kaaf-o-Noon

Upon its destruction is bent to‐day that Fashioner of things, 
Who gave it the name, “The world of Be it so.”

Mein Ne Dikhlaya Farangi Ko Mulukiyat Ka Khawab
Mein Ne Tora Masjid-o-Dair-o-Kalisa Ka Fusoon

I taught the destitute to believe in Destiny: 
I infused into the wealthy the craze for Capitalism.

Mein Ne Nadaron Ko Sikhlaya Sabaq Taqdeer Ka
Mein Ne Muneim Ko Diya Sarmayadari Ka Junoon

I inspired in the European the dream of Imperialism: 
I broke the spell of the Mosque, the Temple and the Church

Kon Kar Sakta Hai Uss Ki Aatish Soozan Ko Sard
Jis Ke Hungamon Mein Ho Iblees Ka Souz-e-Daroon

Who dare extinguish the blazing fire in him, 
Whose tumults are stimulated by the inherent passion of Satan?

Jis Ki Shakhain Hon Humari Aabiyari Se Buland
Kon Kar Sakta Hai Uss Nakhl-e-Kuhan Ko Ser Nigoon!

Who could summon the courage to bend down the old tree, 
Whose branches their height to our watering owe?

Pehla Musheer

Iss Mein Kya Shak Hai Ke Muhkam Hai Ye Ibleesi Nizam
Pukhta Tar Iss Se Huwe Khuay Ghulami Mein Aawam

Stable is the Satanic system, no doubt there is!
 It has further strengthened in the commoners their slavishness indeed.

Hai Azal Se In Gharibon Ke Muqaddar Mein Sujood
In Ki Fitrat Ka Taqaza Hai Namaz-e-Be Qayam

Since the dawn of Time have these helpless mortals been ordained to prostration: 
Prayer devoid of the posture of standing straight is their nature’s constant urge.  

Arzoo Awwal To Paida Ho Nahin Sakti Kahin
Ho Kahin Paida To Mer Jati Hai Ya Rehti Hai Kham

In their heart no desire can in fact take its birth: 
But if it does, perchance, it dies or is left unripe.

Ye Humari Saee-e-Peham Ki Karamat Hai Ke Aaj
Sufi-o-Mullah Mukuliyat Ke Bande Hain Tamam

What wonders have our hard, persistent endeavours wrought! 
To‐day finds the mystics and the priests all as subjects of Imperialism.

Taba-e-Mashriq Ke Liye Mouzoon Yehi Afyoon Thi
Warna 'Qawwali' Se Kuch Kam Tar Nahin 'Ilm E Kalam'

Suited to the disposition of the East was this opium indeed: 
Otherwise Ilm‐i‐Kalam is no less self‐effacing than qawwali in effect

Hai Tawaf-e-Hajj Ka Hungama Agar Baqi To Kya
Kund Ho Kar Reh Gyi Momin Ki Taeg-e-Be Nayam

What matters it, if the tumult of the pilgrimage and tawaf abides? 
For, rendered blunt, lies unused the unsheathed sword of the Faithful.

Kis Ki Naumeedi Pe Hujjat Hai Ye Farman-e-Jadeed
'Hai Jihad Iss Dour Mein Mard-e-Musalman Par Haram!'

Whose despair does this latest Ordinance prove: 
“To the Muslim in this age is forbidden fighting in Lord’s name”?

Dusra Musheer

Khair Hai Sultani Jumhoor Ka Ghogha Ke Sherr
Tu Jahan Ke Taza Fitnon Se Nahin Hai Ba-khabar!

Is the clamour for “Government by the people” evil or good? 
Art thou unaware of the fresh mischiefs of the world?

Pehla Musheer

Hun, Magar Meri Jahan Beeni Batati Hai Mujhe
Jo Mulukiyat Ka Ek Parda Ho, Kya Uss Se Khatar!

Aware am I! but tells me my cosmic foresight: 
No danger from what is but a masquerade for imperialism.

Hum Ne Khud Shahi Ko Pehnaya Hai Jumhoori Libas
Jab Zara Aadam Huwa Hai Khud Shanas-o-Khud Nigar

We ourselves have dressed imperialism in the garb of democracy 
When man has grown to be a little self‐conscious and self‐observant.

Karobar-e-Sheher Yari Ki Haqiqat Aur Hai
Ye Wujood-e-Meer-o-Sultan Par Nahin Hai Munhasar

The true nature of the system of imperialism lies elsewhere: 
It depends not on the existence of an individual leader of king.

Majlis-e-Millat Ho Ya Parvaiz Ka Darbar Ho
Hai Woh Sultan, Ghair Ki Khaiti Pe Ho Jis Ki Nazar

Be it a national assembly of the court of Parviz, 
Whoever casts a covetous eye on other’s harvest is a king.

Tu Ne Kya Dekha Nahin Maghrib Ka Jumhoori Nizam
Chehra Roshan, Androon Changaiz Se Tareek Tar!

Hast thou not observed the democratic system of the West? 
With a brilliant exterior, its interior is darker than Genghis’s.

Teesra Musheer

Rooh-e-Sultani Rahe Baqi To Phir Kya Iztarab
Hai Magar Kya Uss Yahoodi Ki Shararat Ka Jawab?

No cause for anxiety then, if the spirit of imperialism be preserved: 
But what counter‐measure to the mischief wrought by that Jew have you?

Woh Kaleem Be-Tajalli, Woh Maseeh Be-Saleeb
Neest Peghambar Wa Lekin Dar Baghal Darad Kitab

That Moses without Light, that Jesus without the Cross: 
No prophet is he, yet with him a book he carries.

Kya Bataun Kya Hai Kafir Ki Nigah-e-Parda Souz
Mashriq-o-Maghrib Ki Qaumon Ke Liye Roz-e-Hisab

I can hardly explain what significance does the infidel penetrating vision possess: 
It is, methinks, the day of reckoning for the peoples of the East and the West.

Iss Se Barh Kar Aur Kya Ho Ga Tabiat Ka Fasad
Torh Di Bandon Ne Aaqaon Ke Khaimon Ki Tanab!

No greater corruption of human nature than this would be: 
Slaves have broken asunder the ropes of the masters’ tents.

Chotha Musheer

Torh Uss Ka Rumatul Kubra Ke Aewanon Mein Dekh
Aal-e-Ceaser Ko Dikhaya Hum Ne Phir Ceaser Ka Khawab  

Watch its counteraction in the palaces of Imperial Rome: 
Again did we inspire in the descendants of Caesar the dream of Caesar.

Kon Behar-e-Rome Ki Moujon Se Hai Lipta Huwa
'Gah Balad Choon Sanobar' Gah Nalad Choon Rabab

Who is coiled round the waves of the Mediterranean?
 That now expands like a pine, and then wails like a rebeck!

Teesra Musheer

Mein To Uss Ki Aaqabat Beeni Ka Kuch Qael Nahin
Jis Ne Afrangi Siasat Ko Kiya Yun Behijab

Little do I recognize him to be a man of far‐sighted wisdom: 
(A fool!) who has thus European politics exposed.

Panchwan Musheer
(Iblees Ko Mukhatib Kar Ke)


Ae Tere Souz-e-Nafas Se Kaar-e-Aalam Ustawar!
Tu Ne Jab Chaha, Kiya Har Pardagi Ko Ashikaar

O thou! the fire of whose breath lends stability to the world‐process: 
Whenever thou wished, everything hidden presently did thou reveal.

Aab-o-Gill Teri Hararat Se Jahan-e-Souz-o-Saaz
Abla-e-Jannat Teri Taleem Se Danaye Kaar

It is thy fire that has transformed dead earth and water into a world of beauty and endeavour: 
Inspired by thy instruction, the fool of Paradise turns a seer

Tujh Se Barh Kar Fitrat-e-Aadam Ka Woh Mehram Nahin
Sada Dil Bandon Mein Jo Mashoor Hai Parwardigar

More closely familiar with man’s nature than thee is not He: 
Who among the simpletons is known as God the Sustainer.

Kaam Tha Jin Ka Fakat Taqdees-o-Tasbeeh-o-Tawaf
Teri Gairat Se Abad Tak Sar Nigun-o-Sharamsaar

Those whose business was confined to sanctifying, singing hymns and going round: 
Thy sense of self‐respect has out them to shame for ever, with their heads hanging low.

Garcha Hain Tere Mureed Afrang Ke Sahir Tamam
Ab Mujhe In Ki Farasat Par Nahin Hai Atibar

Though the wizards of Europe all are disciples to thee: 
No longer have I faith in their sagacity left.

Ye Yahoodi Fitna Gar, Woh Rooh-e-Mazdak Ka Barooz
Har Kaba Hone Ko Hai Iss Ke Janoon Se Tar Tar

That Jew, that mischief‐maker, that reincarnation of Mazdak: 
Each tunic is about to be torn to shreds by his fanaticism.

Zagh-e-Dashti Ho Raha Hai Humsar-e-Shaheen-o-Chargh
Kitni Sura’at Se Badalta Hai Mazaaj-e-Rozgar

Behold! the wild crow is vying with the falcon and the hyena: 
Lo, how swiftly does the disposition of Time allow of a change!

Cha Gyi Ashufta Ho Kar Wusat-e-Aflaak Par
Jis Ko Nadani Se Hum Samajhe The Ek Musht-e-Ghubar

It spread about, and covered the whole expanse of skies: 
What we unwisely had taken for a handful of dust.

Fitna-e-Farda Ki Haibat Ka Ye Alam Hai Ke Aaj
Kanpte Hain Kohsar-o-Murghzar-o-Ju’ay bar

Such is the state of the ghastly dread of the morrow’s disturbance: 
To‐day tremble with overwhelming awe, mountains, meadows and rivers all. 

Mere Aaqa! Vo Jahan Zair-o-Zabar Hone Ko Hai
Jis Jahan Ka Hai Fakat Teri Sayadat Par Madar

That world is going to turn topsy‐turvy, my Lord! 
The world which resteth solely on thy governance.

Iblees (Apne Musheeron Se)

Hai Mere Dast-e-Tasarruf Mein Jahan-e-Rang O Bu
Kya Zameen, Kya Mehar O Mah, Kya Asaman-e-Tu Ba Tu

Absolute command have I of the world of scent and hue! 
The earth, the sun, the moon and the firmaments all

Dekh Lain Ge Apni Ankhon Se Tamasha Gharb-o-Sharak
Main Ne Jab Garma Diya Aqwam-e-Europe Ka Lahoo

With their own eyes shall the West and the East witness the Spectacle: 
When I but warm the blood of the nations of Europe

Kya Imamane Siasat, Kya Kaleesa Ka Shayookh
Sub Ko Diwana Bana Sakti Hai Meri Aik Hoo

The leaders of politics and the patriarchs of church all: 
One call from me would be enough to turn them mad.

Kargah Sheesha  Jo Nadan Samjhta Hai Usse
Tor Kar Dekhe To Iss Tehzeeb Ke Jam-o-Saboo!

The fool who considers it to be mere glass‐work: 
Let him dare smash the goblets and ewers of this Civilization.

Dast-e-Fitrat Ne Kiya Hai Jin Girebanon Ko Chaak
Mazdaki Mantaq Ki Souzan Se Nahin Hote Rafoo

The collars torn asunder by the hand of Nature: 
Can’t be darned with the needle of the Mazdakite logic.

Kab Dara Sakte Hain Mujh Ko Ishtaraki Koocha Gard
Ye Preshan Rozgar, Ashufta Maghz, Ashufta Mu

How could I be frightened by these Socialists, straying about the streets? 
Wretched and straitened, distracted in mind, incoherent in speech!

Hai Agar Mujh Ko Khatar Koi To Uss Ummat Se Hai
Jis Ki Khatstar Mein Hai Ab Tak Shirar-e-Arzu

Amongst this people there are still to be seen a few 
Who go so far as to perform their ablutions with the tears of pre‐morning hours.

Khal Khal Iss Qaum Mein Ab Tak Nazar Ate Hain Vo
Karte Hain Ashak-E-Sehargahi Se Jo Zalim Wazoo

The only menace I anticipate may come that community: 
Which still a spark of ambition hidden in its ashes retains

Janta Hai, Jis Pe Roshan Batin-e-Ayyam Hai
Mazdkiat Fitna-e-Farda Nahin, Islam Hai!

Knows he to whom are revealed the inner secrets of Time: 
Not Mazdakism, but Islam is to be the trouble of the morrow.

Janta Hun Main Ye Ummat Hamal-e-Quran Nahin
Hai Wohi Sarmayadari Banda-e-Momin Ka Deen

I do know this community is no longer the bearer of the Quran: 
The same Capitalism is the religion of the Believer now 

Janta Hun Main Ke Mashriq Ki Andheri Raat Mein
Be Yad-e-Baiza Hai Peeran-e-Haram Ki Asteen

And I know, too, that in the dark night of the East 
The sleeve of the holy ones of the Sanctuary is bereft of the white, illuminating hand.

Asre-e-Hazir Ke Taqazaon Se Hai Lekin Ye Khof
Ho Na Jaye Ashakara Shara-e-Peghambar Kahin

The demands of the present age, however, spell the apprehension: 
Lest the Shari‘ah of the Prophet should come to light one day:

Alhazar! Aaeen-e-Peghambar Se Sou Bar Alhazar
Hafiz-e-Namoos-e-Zan, Mard Azma, Mard-e-Afreen

Beware, a hundred times beware, of the Law of the Prophet!— 
The protector of women’s honour, the tester of men’s capacities, the rearer of worthy men!

Mout Ka Pegham Har Nu-e-Ghulami Ke Liye
Ne Koi Faghfoor-o-Khaqaan, Ne Fareeq-e-Reh Nasheen

The message of death to any kind of slavery!No sovereigns and no monarchs, no mendicants begging!

Karta Hai Doulat Ko Har Aaludgi Se Pak Saaf
Munemon Ko Maal-o-Doulat Ka Banata Hai Ameen

It does purify wealth of all pollution: 
It makes the wealthy trustees of wealth and property.

Iss Se Barh Kar Aur Kya Fikar-o-Amal Ka Inqilaab
Padshahon Ki Nahin, Allah Ki Hai Ye Zameen!

What greater revolution in thought and action will there be: 
Not to the crowned heads, but to God alone does this Earth belong!

Chasme Alam Se Rahe Poshida Ye Aaeen To Khoob
Ye Ghanimat Hai Ke Khud Momin Hai Mehroom-e-Yaqeen

Better, if this Law be kept hidden from the world’s eye: 
So much the better, the Believer himself is deprived of inner conviction.

Hai Ye Behter Elahiyat Mein Uljha Rahe
Ye Kitab Ullah Ki Taweelat Mein Uljha Rahe

Better that he remains busy and entangled in the metaphysical theology: 
Better, that he remains busy and entangled in the interpretations of the Book of God.

Tor Dalain Jis Ki Takbeerain Talism-e-Shash Jihat
Ho Na Roshan Uss Khuda Andaish Ki Tareek Raat

Whose cries of God is Most High could break the charm of the universe: 
May the dark night of that God‐thinking man not ever turn bright!

Ibne Mariam Mar Gya Ya Zinda Javaid Hai
Hain Sifat-e-Zaat-e-Haq, Haq Se Judda Ya Ayn Zaat?

Is the Son of Mary dead or is he endowed with eternal life? 
Are the Attributes of God separate from God, or do they form what He is?

Ane Wale Se Maseeh-e-Nasiri Maqsood Hai
Ye Mujaddid, Jis Mein Hon Farzand-e-Mariam Ke Sifat?

Does the expected mean Jesus of Nazareth? 
Or a Renewer, endowed with the attributes of the Son of Mary?

Hain Kalam Ullah Ke Alfaz Hadis Ya Qadeem
Ummat Marhoom Ke Hai Kis Aqeede Mein Nijat?

Are the letters of the Word of God New or of Old? 
In which of the doctrines does the salvation of the Blessed Community lies 

Kya Musalman Ke Liye Kafi Nahin Iss Dour Mein
Ye Elahiyat Ke Tarshay Huwe Laat- O-Manaat?

Are not enough to the Faithful in this age: 
These idols of worship carved by Metaphysical Theology?

Tum Isse Begana Rakho Alam-e-Kirdar Se
Ta Bisat-e-Zindagi Mein Iss Ke Sub Muhre Hon Maat

Keep him separate from world of character
Until he loses all the plans(tactical moves) of life

Khair Issi Mein Hai, Qayamat Tak Rahe Momin Ghulam
Chor Kar Auron Ki Khatir Ye Jahan-e-Be-Sabat

Our safety lies in that Believer remains a slave till Doomsday: 
Renouncing this transitory world for others’ sake.

Hai Wohi Shair-o-Tasawwuf Iss Ke Haq Mein Khoob Tar
Jo Chupa De Iss Ki Ankhon Se Tamasha-e-Hayat

What is good in his case is that poetry and mysticism 
Which may keep hidden from his eyes the game of Life.

Har Nafas Darta Hun Iss Ummat Ki Baidari Se Mein
Hai Haqiqat Jis Ke Deen Ki Ahtisaab-e-Kainat

Every moment do I dread the awakening of this community 
Whose religion is, in reality, nothing short of taking account of the universe

Mast Rakho Zikar-o-Fikar-e-Subhgahi Mein Isse
Pukhta Tar Kar Do Mazaaj-e-Khanqahi Mein Isse

Keep him well absorbed in the thought and contemplation of God in pre‐morning hours: 
Ye all make him grow stronger in his monastic disposition!
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