Sunday, 4 March 2012

Chanan Pir Festival (“Mela”) Bahawalpur Pakistan

Channan Pir is a village in the Bahawalpur Punjab province of Pakistan, located at 65 kilometers south of Bahawalpur at the edge of Cholistan Desert. It is named after a Sufi saint and contains his tomb.The Channan Pir festival, or the Channan Mela, is held on seven consecutive Thursdays starting from mid February onwards.
This festival attracts disciples from all over Pakistan. Colorfully dressed men, women and children gather at the shine to pay their respects.
Mostly along with their camels, the devotees prefer to put their overnight stay on each Thursday on the sand dunes under an open sky. The last and the fifth Thursday night will see more crowd because most of the people also pray there.
The visitors throw tabbaruk (the sacred sweet) and the persons who pick and taste this tabarruk are supposed to be fortunate in achieving their worldly pursuits.
Special bazaars, particularly of eatables, are being set up for the occasion while private musical theatres, jhoomar, horse and camel dances are other attractions for visitors.
Very interesting festival to attend and a place where you can see the colorful culture of South Punjab. For more information you can contact with PTDC Bahawalpur.
The Auqaf department makes all arrangements for the mela and collects offerings of the mazar.

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