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Bahawalpur Museum

Introduction of BAHAWALPUR Museum:
Bahawalpur Museum was established in the year 1976. That is an autonomous body functioning under the administrative / financial control of the Board of Governors headed by District Coordination Officer, Bahawalpur. The Director is the principal of the institution who is responsible for its smooth functioning and effective management.

1) Functions:
» Research & Education
» Display of Antiquities / Exhibits
» Explore the Cultural Heritage
» To carry out the Seminars / Symposiums and Exhibitions
» To Inspect the Antiquities and other Exhibits related to the Cultural Heritage

2) Objectives of BAHAWALPUR Museum:
» To Preserve the Rapidly Disappearing Socio-Cultural Heritage of the Cholistan and Southern Punjab
» Awareness about the Preservation of Heritage
» To Promote and Preserve the Local Crafts
» To help out the Local Artisans 
» Talent Hunting

3) Galleries in BAHAWALPUR Museum:
  • Pakistan Movement Gallery:    In this gallery a vast collection of photographs has been displayed representing different historical stages and developments of the Pakistan Movement.This also includes Snapshots of Leaders of the Pakistan Movement and those who directly or indirectly participated in the struggle for Pakistan.
  • Archeological Gallery:     This gallery represents Pre and Proto history of Pakistan, Gandhi Art and Hindu objects of Art.
  • Islamic Gallery:    This gallery contains rare and valuable exhibits pertaining to the glorious past of the Islamic History.These exhibits include arms, specimens of textiles, lacquer work, miniature paintings, metal work etc.
  • Regional Cultural Gallery:      This gallery houses specimens of ethnological material representing the true culture of this area such as specimens of Jewellery, traditional fabrics and dresses, ceremonial dresses, household objects and clay pottery and other objects of daily use from Cholistan and three districts of defunct Bahawalpur division.
  • Coin Gallery:      A separate gallery recently has been established for the exhibition of historical coins. More than 300 historical coins are set at display in this gallery for interest and information of the general public.
  • Quran Gallery:      In this gallery a considerable number of handwritten specimens of Holy Book.These are differently written in different handwriting styles.Manuscripts are also included in the collection.
  • Bahawalpur Gallery:     In this gallery there have been displayed a small number of photos and articles relating to the Bahawalpur state.The State of Bahawalpur was the second largest state of sub-continent and the pictorial history and cultural objects of the Royalty are to be purchased,acquired and preserved in this gallery.
  • Cholistan Gallery:       For the time being in this gallery pictures and models and hand made paintings of the school children have been set at display,which depict the true colorful life of cholistan.After receipt of grant from the government this gallery will be equipped with the objects reflecting the true culture and lifestyle of nomadic people of Cholistan.

Progress during the Recent Period:
  1. Five Galleries have been set up in the Museum namely Coins Gallery, Cholistan Gallery, Bahawalpur Gallery, Children Cholistan Section and Art Gallery
  2. Holding of Exhibitions, Seminars and other Activities
  3. Three days Exhibition of 300 years old historical photographs of Royalty of Bahawalpur State was held watched by 10000 visitors.
  4. One Contest of hand made paintings, pictures and models on the socio-cultural life of Cholistan among the children. Five hundred children's have been participated from various schools.
  5. A Seminar on the Archeological Heritage of Bahawalpur was held during the year 2002-2003
  6. Two press shows have been convened. 
  7. Two press Conferences have also been held and besides these Supplements and Articles have been published in the local dailies and national newspapers on regular basis.
  8. Number of visitors has been increased by six times (3000/ year to 28000/year). 

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