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Bahawalpur Central Library

Central Library Bahawalpur
The Central Library was constructed on 6500 sq. ft with special architectural value. It was constructed during the period from 1981 to 1983. Approximately 7000 types of English and Urdu books on various subjects have been added to its stock making a total of more than 12000 volumes. Open shelf system have been introduced and the stock has been arranged. 

It contains about 1 to 2 Lac Books including 149 manuscripts, dictionaries and a vast collection of news papers and magazines. Enrolled memberships of library are more than 10 thousands. It has described it as the most valuable and large collection of books The Book Bank was opened in the Central Library in 1990. It was named "BOOK-Bank". 

A Newspapers & Magazines section is also established here for the recreation and the general knowledge of the students. Recently, the complete library's collection has been computer. Due to this facility tech students feel very ease to search there required books. Nearly, all the books in the library would be on-line. So that the students of the university and off the university can use his glorious collection. On the other hand a Reference Library has also been managed in the Science faculty.

Central Library Bahawalpur is a historical and very prestigious institution of the area. Its building is a fine model of classical Italian style of architecture. Foundation stone of its building was laid on 8th March 1924 by Sir Rufus Daniel lsaacs, the then Viceroy & Governor General of India on the auspicious occasion of coronation of Amir of Bahawalpur Nawab Sir Sadiq Muhammad Khan Abbasi the 5th. Since then the Library has passed through various stages of growth and expansion. Now it has expanded from single block to three separate blocks. Each block is serving a separate section of readers.

It is the 2nd biggest public library of the province. It possesses, besides vast collection of old newspapers since 1947 and even later than it, more than lac books and a fair number of manuscripts. It is also a depository of historical documents of the defunct Bahawalpur State. Number of its regular members is more than 12000. It also caters to the reading needs of students of lslamia University, Bahawalpur, Quaid-e-Azam Medical College Bahawalpur and of other educational institutions of the Division. Library maintains separate sections for children, ladies, special persons and research scholars doing research in Bahawalpur Khawaja Fareed and other scientific and general topics. All and sundry who come to Bahawalpur visit this library. More than 300/350 readers daily visit the library in various capacities. Library also organizes seminars, workshops, book fairs and book exhibition throughout the year. Library has a special role in promoting mass education by arranging literacy walks, debates and other such educational activities. People of the area has always appreciated its positive role in imparting educational, information and recreational services to them.

The aims and objectives of the library are as follows.
a)  To provide means for self education of individuals/groups at various stages of education.
b)  To provide to the individuals/groups accurate information quickly.
c)  To be one of the principal centre of cultural promotion and information.
d)  To play part in encouraging the positive use for leisure and providing reading material for change and relaxation.
e)  To eradicate illiteracy in the area.
f)  To provide reading material for study and research and promote literary culture among people.

The organizational structure of the library according to the work load has been designed to facilitate the functions and activities as best as possible. The library is under the supervisory control of the Director General, Public Libraries, Punjab Lahore. The Chief Librarian is responsible for the internal administration. He is also the drawing and disbursing officer and enjoys the powers delegated to him by the Government of the Punjab under the delegation of Power Rules.

The best features of this library are the high standard of service, adequate stock of books, old and new periodicals, better working condition and qualified staff to speak with authority on books and reading material.

The Library is divided into the following sections:-
1 . Central Library main Section.
2. Children Section.
3. Mobile Library Section.
4. Documentary Film Unit Section.
5. Foreign Language Teaching Section.
6. Micro Fiche Section.
7. Ladies Section.
8. Newspapers, Magazines And Old Record Section.
9. Audio Visual Section.
10. Book Binding Section.

Total Volumes:  105,000
Urdu : 36,070
English : 61,730
Other languages : 8,160
Microfilms : 34
Periodicals Newspaper and Periodical collection since 1948
Audio-Visual section 
Other facilities 22,400 volumes Children's Library, 1,100 volumes Braille Library, Computer Training center, Audio visual and microfiche section, Mobile Library, Language Laboratory.

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