Monday, 26 March 2012

10 Interesting Things About Dolphan

  1. Humans and dolphins are the only animals that are able and engage in recreational sex
  2. In the womb, there are developmental stages wherein dolphins and humans cannot be physically told apart
  3. Dolphins have been observed sectioning off a female from her pod, "kidnapping" her and taking turns "raping" her (forcing sex on her outside of her reproductive cycle) in order to force her allegiance to her new pod
  4. Dolphins are so hyper-sexual, there are even recorded instances of them attempting to mate with other species, including humans 
  5. They can tell the difference between different species of fish with identical size and shape
  6. They can distinguish different metals with the same shape 
  7. The Harbor porpoise is considered hazardous waste when it washes ashore. PCB levels of St. Lawrence river belugas have been found at 576 ppm. Milk from female belugas is 3400 times greater than what is considered safe for human drinking water. PCBs concentrate higher up the food chain. Orcas also have high levels of PCBs
  8. Dolphins navigate by have magnetic senses, they can not smell
  9. Dall's porpoise swim up to 30 miles per hour; so fast they leave rooster tails of spray
  10. The Pin holes on the side of a dolphin's head are ears, but their primary sense of sound comes through their lower jaw. There are hand-like bones in a dolphin's flipper

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